Monday, May 19, 2014

Tempting Taste: Princess for a Day

Ooh, another fun tease for you this week! Who hasn't thought about being princess for a day? Well, in this story, of course I'm talking about being taken care of in the most delightful ways... Enjoy!

Princess for a Day is an erotic fantasy short story (Approx. 6,800 words). This story is intended for an adult audience only due to graphic portrayal of incredibly hot sex between enthusiastically consenting adults. Contains some F/F and M/M scenes.

Out of options, lovely but desperate Sylvie sells herself as a slave to the King's Harem so her family can eat. When she learns she’s been purchased as a sacrifice, she doesn't know if she'll see tomorrow. The harem rejoices at her arrival, and the good omen for their people, showering her with pleasures. She knows this opulent day is her last, but as she learns about the ceremony, she realizes it may be worth it.


Sylvie reclined in the pool, surrounded by the scent of exotic soaps, and more relaxed than she’d been in years. A number of women had come through the room, asking to see to her needs. She’d told most of them she was fine, though she had taken them up on turning the soaking pool into a gigantic bathtub, which was the most extravagant thing she’d ever seen in her life. She also sent one for a plate of food, and another for a fresh pitcher of water. The girl who fetched the water was probably only a year or two older than Sylvie. Her eyes narrowed at Sylvie’s request, making Sylvie wonder what needs the girl had been asking about, exactly. Her mind flashed to the scene in the sunroom, the ecstatic look on that woman’s face as others of the harem pleased her.

Another woman came in, wearing a shirt that showed her midriff, her pants long and flowing like those a belly dancer would wear. She wasn’t adorned as belly dancers often were, but the simplicity of her dress and the confidence in her walk made her stand out among the women Sylvie had met so far.

“I hear you’ve turned down offers of pleasure. Do none of the girls please you?”

Sylvie stared, aghast. “What do you mean? I didn’t turn down—” she gulped. “What I mean is, I thought they were asking if I was hungry or had to go to the bathroom. They were offering to pleasure me?” As she said it, a tingle ran down Sylvie’s spine, and her fingers twitched under the water. She wondered if this woman would know it if she touched herself in the bath right now. 

She bit her lip, trying to decide what to do, and saw the woman’s gaze drop to her lips and hover there. 

“I’m sorry. I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Helen. Kind of the welcoming committee, I guess.”

“Not much need to welcome me. I’ll only be here a day.”

“But for today, you’re the most important person in the King’s Harem. Our princess. Our offering. Everyone cares that you’re here. They’ll be coming to wish you well all day long.”

Helen gave her a penetrating look. “Some will make offers of pleasure. Many women of the harem enjoy taking care of each other in this way. And the more pleasure you receive today, the better for the strength our King Alaric will reap from your sacrifice. For these reasons, do not turn down these offers of pleasure. Accept everything we have to offer, everything we have to show you, and you’ll leave the harem glowing like a god’s bride for our king. Let us do this for you, and for our people,” Helen urged.

“I’ve never been with a woman in that way. I don’t know if I can...” Even as Sylvie thought it, she knew she could. Her pussy ached to be touched under the water. She wondered if Helen would touch her if she asked. Was it acceptable to ask?

“If I desire pleasure,” Sylvie spoke, shocked at herself, “may I ask for it?”

Princess for a Day is available for Amazon KindleBarnes and Noble Nook, and at Smashwords and All Romance Ebooks.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Tempting Taste: The Potent Love Spell

There's a bit of darkness in this tease. This is the third of my Love Spell stories, which you can download separately, or in the compilation volume Love Spells (click here for links to Love Spells at your favorite ebook retailer).

The Potent Love Spell is a paranormal erotica short story (Approx. 6,900 words). This story is intended for an adult audience only due to graphic portrayal of incredibly hot sex between enthusiastically consenting adults, as well as other sexually explicit and suggestive deeds.

Sidney and Colson have been “friends with benefits” for more than a year. He’s great in bed – gives it to her rough, just like she wants it – but Sidney is ready for more. She makes a rash decision to take matters into her own hands, deciding he’ll love her, even if it’s a love spell that gets him there. She found one recently on a strange blog written in the style of a neighborhood nurse on a rather risqué topic: Sex Secrets of a Witch. Spells being unpredictable, Sidney doesn’t get quite what she set out for. What happens next is even better than her fantasies.


Sidney stared at her reflection in Colson’s bathroom mirror. She had to make a decision fast. His comb was right there, and one of his hairs was exactly what she needed for the love spell she’d found online.

She chewed her lip nervously. She hadn’t meant to try this today, but there was the comb, and along with it, her opportunity.

They’d just finished screwing, and her body ached from how rough he’d been with her. She liked it rough; liked a little pain along with her pleasure. Colson had always rocked her world.

She remembered how he’d held her facedown on the bed earlier, his hand at her neck while he mounted her, his cock sliding easily home. She was so wet, even though they’d just woken up. Maybe it was sleeping next to him, or maybe it was that their sex could always be counted on to be so fucking hot that she instantly got wet when she woke up next to him. He grunted as he thrust, his hips hitting her ass with a smacking sound that made her moan.

Sidney shook herself, and released her grip on the bathroom countertop.

The spell.

She was going to do it. She had to.

She’d been sleeping with Colson for more than a year. They’d been friends since college, but last year it got physical, like she’d always wanted it to. Actually, she wanted much more than that.

She wanted him to love her.

So the spell.

She’d been surfing the net, trying to burn off some frustration after the last time she’d been with Colson. One of her searches brought up a blog she remembered vaguely from some recent drama with a celebrity that had been in the news.

Sex Secrets of a Witch.

The blog had all sorts of interesting spells for better sex, and a smaller selection of spells for love. It was also written in this chatty, neighborhood nurse or sex psychologist fashion that made it feel completely trustworthy. And maybe it was. Turned out she hadn’t cared much to settle that argument with herself. She would give it a shot.

This particular spell was said to turn the heart of a reluctant lover already possessed by the body. So if you were to look it up in some witch’s spellbook, a photo of Sidney and Colson would probably appear right next to it.

Having made her decision, she took a few strands of hair from the comb, and tiptoed to the kitchen to grab a plastic bag for them. She took a minute to put on coffee after that.

The hair on the back of her neck stood on end.

The roommate had walked in behind her. She could feel him staring at the back of her head. 

He cleared his throat and went to the sink for a glass of water. He was wearing a pair of black shorts that looked like he’d been working out in them, and that was it.
Sidney averted her eyes from the roommate’s well-defined back, and those broad, powerful shoulders. Gabe was a looker, but he’d never been nice to her.

“I started the coffee.”

He glanced her way briefly, his dark eyes looking through her more than at her, and then turned and walked out, “Thank you,” he said over his shoulder.

Oh well. It wasn’t like she was here to make a friend.

Later that night, after a long soak in a hot bubble bath and a glass of wine, Sidney lit the red candles she’d bought earlier and stared at the other supplies she’d laid out before she took a bath to think about this whole thing. No new conclusions had presented themselves during her soak, just a new determination to give this a try, come what may. At least it was a chance to get out of the rut that seemed to be swallowing her these days.

She stared long and hard at the words on the page, before she finally began etching them in gold ink onto the parchment paper she’d purchased. She spoke the words for the first time as she wrote them.

By fire and earth and water and air
A fine plucked strand of my lover’s hair
A piece of you, a part of me
Together how we’re meant to be


The Potent Love Spell can be purchased at AmazonBarnes and NobleSmashwords, and All Romance Ebooks

Monday, May 5, 2014

Tempting Taste: The Exotic Love Spell

This week's tease is the second of my Love Spell stories, which you can download separately, or in the compilation volume Love Spells (click here for links to Love Spells at your favorite ebook retailer).

The Exotic Love Spell is a paranormal erotica short story (Approx. 5,900 words). This story is intended for an adult audience only due to graphic portrayal of incredibly hot sex between enthusiastically consenting adults, as well as other sexually explicit and suggestive deeds.

Lena is a successful soap opera actress, whose actor-turned-stay-at-home husband Mike is constantly in her shadow. But that’s back in L.A. Now Mike has taken Lena into the wilderness for a two-day escape from reality. When she finds out he brought a surprise that’ll really make her squeal – a sex spell from a popular blog called Sex Secrets of a Witch – things get interesting. But when she pulls out her own surprise, things get really kinky.


Lena was huffing and puffing as she finally hit the home stretch and walked back into camp.

“Long walk?” Mike laughed at her from where he was setting up the camp stove. He always had kept in better shape. It was a wonder to her that her career had been the one to take off. He had such obvious... charisma, she guessed she’d call it.
And he’d managed to set up the tent by himself, not to mention the rest of camp.

“Yes, it was a long walk.” She looked around, and went to set the two final bags on the picnic table. “You’ve been busy. Nice job.”

His eyes were on the bags she’d just set on the table. When he finally raised his eyes to meet her gaze, she said, “I noticed the lock.”

“Yeah?” He tried to be nonchalant, but her gaze hardened and he shrugged. “Pretty smooth, huh?”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh, I planned a surprise. And then I let you go back for the fucking bag.”

“A surprise?” She grinned at him.

 He grinned back. “Yeah, a surprise.”

“So are you going to fill me in?”

“Hell no. Still a surprise.”

“Come on. Give me a sneak peek or something.” She stepped closer to him, and grabbed his crotch through his well-worn jeans, cupping and squeezing his balls.

“You want to negotiate?” He lifted one eyebrow in a challenge she completely understood after five years of marriage.

Still smiling, she unzipped his jeans without another word and lifted him from his pants. He’d started to harden in the few seconds since she’d begun teasing him. She loved that about Mike. As a lover, he was always ready to go at a moment’s notice. They fit sex in no matter what their days looked like.

Lena’s excitement grew as she thought about the next two days. They were completely alone, and she could do with her husband as she pleased, without regard to being quick, or quiet, or whatever. She could just fuck him. Hard and fast if she so desired. And completely fucking dirty if that’s what she wanted.

She stroked his length with her fingertips, clutching and releasing. She knew this motion drove him wild, and she took full advantage of that knowledge.

Then she stopped. Holding her hands behind her back, she asked with a smile, “Want to tell me about the duffel bag now?”

He groaned, and she knew she had him.

“The thing is, I’m not sure you’re going to understand.”

“Well, now I’m just more curious, so spill it.”

“Okay.” He ran his fingers through his already unruly hair, ruffling it further. “Here’s the deal. I ran across a sex spell—”

“Whoa. Say that again? You ran across a sex spell? Just what kind of porn were you surfing for?”

“No, it wasn’t like that. I saw a link on Twitter. A blog called Sex Secrets of a Witch.”

“You’re kidding. I heard that blog was making a name for itself. Seems everyone wants to know what to do for better sex. Thought about checking it out myself, not that we need that much help. Never got around to it.”

“Anyway, so there was this spell there—the Exotic Love Spell—meant to spice things up for long-time lovers. So I downloaded it, and brought it.”

Lena grinned hugely. “That is damn cool. Let’s do it.”

“Right now?”

“Hell yes.”

“What about dinner?”

“There’s plenty of time for dinner. Later.”

Mike put in the correct code and unlocked the duffel bag as Lena craned her neck trying to get a glimpse of what he’d brought. He lifted out a thick red candle the size of Lena’s forearm and handed it to her.

Lena palmed the immense cylinder. “Ooh, baby. Now you’re rockin’ my world.”

Mike laughed and gave her knee a little shove. Still holding the candle, her balance was compromised and she sprawled next to him. She frowned at him from the undignified position, and he shot her a cocky grin before turning back to the bag.

Next he pulled out a plastic sandwich bag full of...

“Mike? What the hell did you do to my roses?”

He dropped the bag and held up his hands to defend himself. “I swear I took the wilting ones—you would have clipped them back as soon as we got home.”

Lena grabbed it and looked them over. From the colors she knew the blooms he’d taken. She’d just looked them over this morning. She’d always loved bringing forth such beauty from a plant. Her roses were her favorites.

“What do we need these for?”

Mike took a sheet of paper from the duffel bag, and showed it to her. “So the idea is, we focus on our love for each other and the sexual pleasures we desire to achieve the results we want. We’re supposed to focus the whole time we do the spell.”

Lena finished reading. It seemed harmless enough. And it could turn out to be really fun. “Awesome. Go time.”

“Have I told you that you’re the coolest wife ever?”

“Not lately.”

“Did that just count?”

“I’ll chalk you up a point, babe. Now let’s get to it. I want to see what happens.”

“Here, I’ll take the candle first.” Mike reached for it, and Lena handed it over. She watched him open his pocketknife and carve a heart on the side of the candle. Then he handed it to her, along with the knife.

Lena glanced at the page to confirm the directions, and carved a heart that overlapped with Mike’s. Satisfied, she set the candle on top of a stone Mike had just pulled over for that purpose. Mike sprinkled the rose petals around the candle, and sat on the opposite side of the candle from Lena.

“Ready?” he asked.


He lit the candle. As soon as he did, Lena felt hot, as though it were a bonfire she faced instead of a single flame. Mike began to speak the words of the spell, and Lena followed suit, looking back at the sheet of paper. It seemed Mike had the words down already. She wondered how long her husband had been planning this.

By fire and earth and water and air
To strengthen bonds of love we share
One day of exotic love, one night
And dreamt of pleasures by right


The Exotic Love Spell is available at AmazonBarnes and NobleSmashwords and All Romance Ebooks.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Tempting Taste: The Abundant Love Spell

This week's teaser comes from the first of my Love Spell stories, which you can buy separately, or in the compilation volume Love Spells (click here for links to Love Spells at your favorite ebook retailer).

The Abundant Love Spell is a paranormal erotica short story (Approx. 5,700 words). This story is intended for an adult audience only due to graphic portrayal of incredibly hot sex between enthusiastically consenting adults, as well as other sexually explicit deeds.

Julia hasn’t had a man in a while. Bryan, the man of her fantasies, works in the same building she does. So does a good friend of hers, who has recently turned Wiccan and is fanatically following a blog called Sex Secrets of a Witch. When Julia’s friend convinces her to try a love spell to accelerate things with Bryan, Julia may be signing up for more than she knows. But in the end, will it get her what she wants?


The look in Shanna’s eyes when she answered the door didn’t do anything to soothe Julia’s frazzled nerves. She was burning some sort of incense. Julia thought she smelled sage and maybe rose. Books were scattered around, some open, and some with their pages marked. Red candles burned next to two glasses on the coffee table.

“What have I walked into?”

“Oh, you know what this is. I’ve only been talking about it for ages.”

“And I’ve told you, I’m not interested in love spells you picked up off the Internet.”

“Oh, come on. Sex Secrets of a Witch is a very reputable blog in the Wiccan community.”

“Well, I’m not part of the Wiccan community.”

“I’ve always told you there’s a place for you. You have great Karma, babe. You should be on our side.”

“What you just said made no sense whatsoever. Is Karma a Wiccan concept? No. And what’s this about our side, from a ‘respect all faiths’ witch?”

“This isn’t some PR event. We’re talking about your love life here.”

“Well then, we might as well have a moment of silence.” Julia sank to sit on her friend’s couch, grabbing a plump throw pillow to hug to her chest. “My love life is nonexistent.”

“Not after tonight.” Shanna sat down next to her and patted her knee. “Now here, drink up. I have a feeling your energy will flow a little easier after a nip of wine.”

Julia couldn’t help rolling her eyes. But she took a gulp of wine instead of just a nip. A love spell? Was she seriously about to try this?

She pictured Bryan, his stylishly wavy dark blonde hair, laughing brown eyes, and that body. From the way he walked, she knew he worked out. He had that confident swagger that spoke of strength, both of mind and body. Damn. She had it bad.

“Isn’t it coercive to use a love spell?”

“The spell is entitled Abundant Love; it does not bind, it merely encourages and enflames feelings that are already there.”

“Enflames? That doesn’t sound good.”

“Don’t worry so much. I know what I’m doing.”

Julia cocked her head to the side. She seriously doubted that, as Shanna had only been ‘Wiccan’ for about six months. It was one stop on a long road of dabbling, and Julia was sure it would fade with time.

“Remember, concentration on the spell’s purpose is crucial to the outcome. You must focus on the love you want, on the love you feel, increasing.”

“I think ‘love’ may be too strong a word. I hardly know the guy.”

Shanna looked her in the eye. “Okay. Lust will do, too.”

“They’re not interchangeable.”

“For the purposes of this spell, they might as well be.”

That didn’t make any sense to Julia, but she wasn’t the witch. And while her brain shouted for caution, her sexually deprived body said maybe a little love magic was just the thing to break this stalemate with Brian.

“Okay. Let’s give it a shot. What do I have to do?”

Shanna handed her a sheet of paper with instructions for the spell. While she studied it, Shanna lit another cone of incense, and pulled her around to the other side of the coffee table. Julia mimicked her friend and sat with her legs crossed under her.

“I’ve prepared the room, but you need to prepare yourself. So first we meditate.” Shanna picked up a stone, wide and flat, and what appeared to be a copper tube. When she struck the stone with the metal, a haunting music filled the room. Shanna continued to strike the stone at regular intervals, so that the vibrations of the rock created a sound that soothed Julia into a state near sleep. Julia didn’t meditate, so she wasn’t sure what she was supposed to feel, but an odd mental clarity accompanied her body’s relaxation as she tuned everything else out and focused only on the sound of the rock.

Finally, Shanna set aside the musical stone. She gestured to indicate holding out their hands, and placed her palms above Julia’s outstretched ones, not quite touching. “Julia, focus on your need. Focus on the outcome you desire of this spell.”

Despite herself, Julia pictured Bryan naked, approaching her with animal intent, ready to take her with his rampant manhood...Maybe she’d read one too many romance novels lately. But that was unfortunately all the action she’d had in a long time.

She visualized again, seeing herself with Bryan. His smile, the sound of his laugh. The way his face must look as he took his satisfaction. His cock in every wet hole he could find, hips thrusting, ass flexing. Julia shook herself a little, her pussy throbbing and wet at the scene she’d conjured. She narrowed her eyes, honing her focus. Love, she wanted love.

Yes, to be loved, and mated, and taken.



The abundant love spell.

Julia giggled.

Shanna touched her hand, and a spark of blue static coursed between them. She regarded Julia, brows raised. “Focus, hon.”

Julia felt hot, and she wondered if it was the wine she’d gulped.

Shanna tugged a potted plant from behind the table. A pink rose, blooms ripe and perfect, with soft petals the deepest color of sunrise. She pushed it toward Julia. “Say the words of the spell as you harvest a rose blossom.”

Julia read the words again, a frown creasing her brow as she concentrated on saying it correctly.

By fire and earth and water and air.
Rose for love, I thank you for your power.
As consumed shall be consumed
Love abundant as spring showers.

The Abundant Love Spell is available at AmazonBarnes and NobleSmashwords, and All Romance Ebooks.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Tempting Taste: In the Kitchen

Ooh, my 'tempting taste' title takes on new meaning! This week's teaser is from my contemporary erotica story, In the Kitchen. Ever fantasized about being with one of those hot chefs featured in cooking competitions on Food Network? (Or is the food and sex thing just me?) In this story, the kitchen gets hotter and hotter.

Marti Agrassi is taking the biggest risk of her life using her inheritance to open a restaurant. At least she thinks so until she partners with Rigg Anders, a cocky show-off contestant of the hit show Top Chef, and has to get along with him, while somehow keeping it strictly business. But a celebration one night takes things to the next level, and a sneak peek at Marti’s lingerie shows she’s wearing his favorite color. What ends will Rigg go to, to make it work with Marti, and their restaurant?

In the Kitchen is a contemporary erotic romance short story (Approx. 10,200 words). This story is intended for an adult audience only due to graphic portrayal of incredibly hot sex between enthusiastically consenting adults. 


“I found the place,” Rigg shed his jacket in a hurry as Marti opened the door. They’d grown used to working together in her home kitchen over the last couple of months. They had their bank loan, and they’d worked out a menu to get the place started. They still had some trouble agreeing on how often to change the menu up. Rigg was a fan of trying new things all the time, while Marti liked to offer the same well-built dishes customers expected. She had a feeling they could find common ground somewhere in the middle, like they had on so many other topics.

Once they had a location, they’d be full steam ahead.

“Tell me about it.”

“No. You just have to see it. I made us an appointment with the realtor. He’ll be there in half an hour. You game?”

“Yeah. Let me change.”

Marti ran up to her bedroom. She couldn’t help thinking about Rigg downstairs while she was naked in her room upstairs. Part of her wished he’d come up and push the issue between them. The sexual tension hadn’t dissipated over the months. But she still couldn’t take that chance.

Marti threw on black pinstriped slacks and a black sweater. She pulled her hair up off the nape of her neck, fastening it in a clip. She added a jade necklace and bracelet, and jogged back down the stairs.

Rigg whistled as Marti retrieved her leather jacket from the hallway closet. “You look nice,” he told her.

She smiled. “So where are we going?”


If it had been her style, she would have whistled. “Nice area. What is that going to cost us?”

“It’s actually a bargain. We’re lucky to find it,” he told her.

He was right.

The place was beautiful; exactly what Marti would have chosen herself. And it was in their price range. They set it up to sign the contract as soon as possible.

“Want to go out for a drink?”

“Absolutely.” After she blurted that out, she had second thoughts almost immediately. Get inebriated in the presence of Hottie McHotterson? This was not at all wise. But she couldn’t exactly back out now, and a big part of her didn’t want to.

They walked north a couple of blocks to a swanky looking bar called the Looking Glass. Heavy black drapes lined the plentiful windows, and the walls were a deep gray that bordered on purple. The rich dark wood of the tables and benches warmed the place up, along with the candlelight flickering from sconces and tabletop lanterns. The eye was naturally drawn to the bar, an expanse of cherry wood stretching almost the entire length of the back wall. The array of bottles reflected the flickering candlelight.

“You okay?”

Marti realized she’d been zoning out on the vibe of this place. “What do you think of that bar?”

“Great for this place. As soon as you walk in the door, you’re drawn there. It’s a great focal point.”

Marti was about to agree, when the waitress walked over and took their order for drinks.

“A martini for Martina?” Rigg teased with a grin, nudging Marti’s foot with his under the table. The contact sent a jolt of electricity through her.

“A mojito, actually.” Marti returned Rigg’s smile. “And for you?”

“I do want a martini, thanks.” He nodded at the waitress, who gave him a funny look before she walked away.

“Think she’s seen you some place before?” Marti laughed.

“It is silly, isn’t it? I just cooked on camera. It’s not brain surgery. Is anything more special just because you do it on camera?” He leaned in with that question, like he was really interested in her answer.

“It was brave to be on camera doing what you love. But no, I wouldn’t say it’s more special. It might be less special, because the motives aren’t as pure, are they? Chefs cook for the love of the food and the love of those we feed. Fans muddy up the waters. Strange business for a chef.”

“I agree, one hundred percent.” Rigg said emphatically. His eyes were almost fierce. “You get it.”

Just then the drinks came, and Marti felt bad for the waitress, because Rigg’s eyes were for her only.
“I can understand it must have been strange. But I think you’re also more outgoing than I am naturally, so maybe it wasn’t as odd for you as it would have been for me.”

“It was a rush for a while. Then it got old. Then it got really tiresome,” he told her, leaning toward her again as if in confidence. “My hope is that it was worth it, and it’s changed my path forward.” He held up his glass for a toast. “To the path forward.”

Marti raised her glass. “To the path forward. May it be bright and profitable.”

“Good toast.” One corner of his mouth quirked up, and she had the suspicion he wanted to make fun of her optimism. Well, let him. Tonight was a night for optimism. Marti took another swallow of her mojito, and changed the subject.

“Are you coming in?” Marti asked Rigg a few hours later, when they pulled up outside her house. “I’ll make us a snack.”

“Nice. I’ll take you up on that.”

He walked up the steps behind her, and Marti had the distinct sensation her ass was being looked over thoroughly. She hoped so.

“In my opinion, eggs are the only choice after a night of drinking.”

“Throw in some of your biscuits, and you’ll make me a happy man.” He spoke from just behind her left shoulder as they reached the door, close enough she could smell the spicy aroma of his aftershave.

She resisted the urge to lean back into him, and focused on fitting the key into the door. It was possible she’d had one too many. Luckily, he’d been more restrained. A little bit in the kitchen would turn her around. Right now she was feeling tipsy and foolish, and she was a little worried what she might try in this state. But did she really want to sober up and be responsible? She really wanted to sober up and jump his bones, but she knew that wasn’t the smartest game in town.

She finally managed to get through the door, and let him help her out of her coat. He hung it up along with his own in her hall closet, a gesture that spoke volumes about how familiar they’d become. He knew her house, he knew her kitchen...he knew her.

She led the way to the kitchen, pulling out her favorite knife and setting it on the butcher block. She grabbed an onion and small orange and red peppers to go in the eggs.

Rigg had the knife when she got the veggies back to the butcher block. “You’ve had one too many to do the chopping, lady. We’re not risking those fingers over a late night snack.”

His concern brought warmth to her cheeks. She tilted her head in an attempt at graceful acceptance, surprised it didn’t annoy her more that he was telling her what to do. He just sounded so sensible. And why not let him chop?

“Do you want a little coffee?” She didn’t wait for his answer. Instead she just started brewing two cups worth in her French press.

“Yeah, that’s a good idea.”

When she turned, she caught him watching her with a hint of a smile. “What? Am I rumpled or something?”

“You’re just cute when you’re tipsy. I’ve never seen you like this.”

“Er...thanks? Focus on the chop chop. I’m hungry.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

That warm ‘yes ma’am’ in his southern accent made her skin flush. She tried not to show her reaction, but when she looked up at him again, noticing the knife was no longer chop chopping, she realized he’d meant to cause precisely that reaction, and was now evaluating her response.

“Do you like what you see?” Marti’s voice came out husky, her question less teasing and more suggestive than she’d meant it to be.

“Very much.” He set down the knife, and Marti knew they were both going to forget this midnight snack in what came next.

She stepped closer just as he turned toward her, and they both laughed at the graceless start. Marti threaded her arms under his, and gave in to the urge to lean into him that she’d had all night. 


In the Kitchen is available for purchase for Amazon KindleBarnes and Noble Nook, and at Smashwords and All Romance Ebooks.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Tempting Taste: Dark Knight Diplomacy

Looking for a steamy story with a bit of intrigue? Try out this week's tease, Dark Knight Diplomacy, the third story in my Dark Knight Conquests series. See that big sword?...Well, you get what I'm saying. :)

Dark Knight Diplomacy is a historical fantasy erotica short story (approx. 4,000 words). This story is intended for an adult audience only due to graphic portrayal of incredibly hot sex between enthusiastically consenting adults.

Lady Isabella is stuck in a loveless marriage to scheming, greedy Lord Marcus. She puts on a smile for her children, and her elderly father, but in reality, she has little to look forward to. When the Dark Knight of Lightloss joins Lord Rolf at her dinner party, Lady Isabella's thoughts turn to what she'd do to such a man if he were hers. And later, when they find themselves alone, she can't pass up the opportunity to try something new, especially in the pleasing form of the Dark Knight.

Lady Isabella strolled gracefully on her father’s arm on the way to her grandly set table in the great hall. As she approached, she raised a hand in silent salute to her husband Lord Marcus, ruler of the great city of Andalene, who was seated at the head of the table.

He nodded in return, continuing his conversation with the diplomat next to him. Isabella had forgotten this one’s name. Not exactly proper from a woman reared to rule the house, but lately Isa found she had no patience for the trivial matters her husband deigned to discuss with leaders far and wide. Greedy Lord Marcus looked for an edge everywhere, and Isa had wearied of constantly standing as a pawn in his games. Her role was to look the part of the beautiful, put together Lady of the house. She could do that much, but her mind was elsewhere.

Isa kissed her elderly father’s sunken cheek, and smiled at the delight in his eyes. His love was a joy; she knew she’d done her father proud, at least. She could play this part for him, for whatever time he had left, and for her two children, too young yet to even learn to hunt and joust. Still, they needed less of her these days. She struggled to occupy herself and keep from growing bored in the confines of her castle, which had the dual nature of proclaiming her worth and confining her to a woman’s prison of home and hearth.

Maybe if she loved Lord Marcus, things would be different. Many of the girls she’d known at court had grown to love their husbands. A few were lucky enough to make love matches from the start. It hadn’t turned out that way for Isa. Her husband was a selfish bore. No, marriage did not hold any love for Isa.

As she took her seat beside her husband, the doors at the other end of the hall opened to admit another guest. This one Isa recognized. Lord Rolf ruled the country south of Andalene, a rural holding called Cavenaught.

Isa caught her breath when she recognized the man who’d accompanied Lord Rolf.

The Dark Knight of Lightloss wore midnight blue, tonight, and his sword as well as any hint of armor were strangely absent. Instead, he wore two short swords – little more than knives, really – one on each hip. His clothing and manner were that of the court, not the battlefield.

Isa wondered whether his attire was meant as a barb, or to allay concern at his motives. The Dark Knight was a warrior, not a diplomat. Some would question why Lord Rolf would bring the legendary knight to dinner instead of his new wife, Katrina.

There was a flurry of motion down the long table as seats were rearranged to accommodate Lord Rolf’s arrival, but Isa didn’t pay attention to that. The Dark Knight drew her eye like a lighthouse to a ship lost at sea. His smile was cold as the steward greeted and seated him. He was placed further down the table, while the steward arranged to accommodate Lord Rolf two seats to Lord Marcus’s right.

Isa watched the knight, marveling at his masculine perfection. As the steward began to pour his wine, he covered his glass with his hand and shook his head. He set into his plate with gusto, however, redeeming himself in the steward’s eyes.

“My lady, do greet our guest,” Marcus whispered in her ear.

Lady Isabella rose from her place and picked up the pitcher of wine. “Lord Rolf, be welcome to Andalene. It is good to see you.”

“And you, Lady Isabella. Please accept Lady Katrina’s regrets that she was unable to attend this evening.”

“I had hoped to see her. Please take with you my regards, Lord Rolf.” Isa poured his wine without spilling a single drop, and returned to her seat. As she looked back to the Dark Knight, she found him watching her, a slight smile turning one corner of his full, kissable mouth. She blushed despite her courtly training, feeling the heat under her dress as well as on her cheeks. The more she tried not to blush, the deeper her blush became, so she calmed her breath and ate a few bites before she looked back at that particular man.

When she did look, it was from under her lashes, and she found him watching her still. How forward, to watch her so as she sat next to her husband in their hall. The Dark Knight raised his water glass as if in salute, and Isa raised her wine. She drank it back at a single gulp, and the steward came forward to refill it for her. Isa found the knight’s gaze again and saw that his eyebrows were raised, a gesture that seemed to mock her.

Isa determined she would not look in his direction again, if it took all the power of her will. She kept that promise until the last, and as she rose to leave the hall she realized the Dark Knight had gone. A stone settled in the pit of her stomach. It wasn’t as though she’d anticipated more, even so much as a word, as he’d been something to light up the dullness of her castle life. Just looking at him had been so much better than not having him to look at.

Marcus gripped her hand before she could walk away. “I retire to my parlor, dear. A nightcap with our guests. Will you see that Lord Rolf is given a room? Then you may retire, if you wish.” He made no mention of inviting her to his parlor, and she had long since stopped looking for the invitation. He had his business to attend to, and she had...

After speaking with the steward about Lord Rolf’s rooms, she checked on the children. She found them already in their beds, with their nurse dozing in her rocking chair before the fire.

She withdrew to her own room, where she paced for a few minutes before grabbing her cloak and darting down the back stairs. She had to get some air.

The courtyard was far from deserted, but the stables were quiet when Isa slid open the door and entered, her slippers silencing her footfalls. She often came here to talk to her mare, and give the other horses treats. Tonight she stopped by Whisper’s stall for just a moment, pulling a small apple from her pocket especially for the gray mare.

Next, Isa walked back down the long line of stalls to one on the other end of the stable. Sure enough, the Dark Knight’s stallion Terror filled the space, separated by two empty stalls from any other horses.

The notorious animal whickered at her, more friendly than she expected, and she was about to step forward and give his black nose a pat when she heard a voice close behind her.

“I wouldn’t do that, my lady. He’s taken a finger or two in his time.”

Isa whirled, the hood of her deep burgundy cloak falling back as she faced the Dark Knight. “How did you know it was me?”

“That carriage would be difficult to hide. I’m glad you don’t try.”

“Hmm. On the contrary, I hardly notice my carriage any more; I’ve been trained so well.”

“You sound bitter.”

“And this is an awkward conversation. How did you know to find me here?” Isa raised her chin a notch and took on her lady-of-the-house stance.

“I actually came to see my horse was bedded down properly.”

He’d actually said ‘bedded down’ and now all Isa could picture was tearing his clothes from his muscled body and bedding him in the next stall. Maybe it showed in her eyes, because his lips parted and his eyes narrowed at the same instant, a predator sighting prey.

Isa stepped into him boldly, and melted against him as his arms came up around her. He framed her face with one hand, and gripped her waist with the other. She could feel the strength in him, and suddenly wanted nothing more than to feel his body atop hers, his warmth, his cock, pressing into her. She hadn’t looked for this, but she was not about to waste the opportunity.

The Dark Knight pressed her up against Terror’s stall, and Isa could feel the horse’s breath behind her. 

“How about ears, has he taken ears in his time?” she squeaked.

Laughing, he lifted her off her feet, pivoting to press her against the opposite wall. She felt his hard length slide along her belly and into the cleft of her sex. Isa felt the flame in her belly stir higher. If she hiked up her skirts, would this muscular legend with the face of an angel take her right here?

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Tempting Taste: The Dark Knight's Appetites

I have a doozy of a tease for you today: my second Dark Knight Conquest story, The Dark Knight's Appetites! This story was so much fun to write -- I love the female character, and her interactions with my non-hero. Fun, fun, fun! And steamy, steamy, steamy! Happy reading. :)

The Dark Knight's Appetites is a historical fantasy erotica short story (approx. 4,000 words). This story is intended for an adult audience only due to graphic portrayal of incredibly hot sex between enthusiastically consenting adults.

Gillian tends her parent’s inn, the only inn in the small village of Sailaway. Patrons have tried various means to get her into bed – with varying degrees of success. But she’s never relished the sight of a man like she does the appearance of the Dark Knight of Lightloss at the family inn. She’s been waiting for this opportunity. Such a man is worth the risk, if she can just get around her father’s protectiveness, the jealousy of her many suitors, and a full house waiting to be served.

Gillian swayed to avoid the back of a patron’s chair as she delivered drinks in her parents’ inn in the tiny village of Sailaway. Her skirts swished to touch the arm of another man, Desmond, who reached out to playfully pat her bottom. She squirmed out of reach before he could give her the pinch she knew was coming. Men. A dime a dozen in this joint, and every one of them wanting a piece of her. Some nights they were a welcome diversion, but other times she just wanted some peace. It didn’t look like she’d be getting any of that tonight. It was a full house. Locals had come out to see a visiting musician, and he’d brought his own entourage. The new faces were welcome. A couple of them were downright handsome.

The dogs barked out front. Gillian had just brought the musician a small pitcher of water and a plate of food. She wiped her hands on her apron and looked out the front window, expecting to see another local come to indulge in music and drink in lonely Sailaway. Instead, her stomach dropped as she recognized the big black horse, and the big man in black who had just dismounted, his sword hanging straight at his side.

The Dark Knight of Lightloss.

Gillian’s heart thumped erratically. She’d been waiting for just such an opportunity.

She glanced down at the worn blue dress she’d put on for the evening. She looked around and thought maybe she had a second to slip out and change. She ducked into her room at the end of the hall, shoving the door with her foot, but forgetting to latch it. She tore off the worn dress, rummaging in her chest for a suitable replacement.

Suddenly, she heard the door close and a single footstep, and then felt his hands on her hips, and his hard cock pressed against her slit through her underclothes. She looked up from the chest to find the intruder. Although she’d let him intrude on a number of occasions, so she didn’t exactly blame him for trying. “Not now, Lewis. I’m changing. I have a lot of work to do.” Lewis was a decent lover, and a good man, but not the sort she wanted all the time. He was also no comparison for the Dark Knight of Lightloss, who would any second be entering their establishment. She’d be damned if she let her mother be the one to show him to a table. 

The Dark Knight's Appetites is available for purchase on AmazonBarnes and NobleSmashwords and All Romance Ebooks.